Smart Installation from £29.00

Televisions and recorders that are “Smart”, require an internet connection to access the online content such as the Web Browser, iPlayer, Skype and Youtube etc. Also many new “Smart” products are DLNA certified, enabling stored content to be streamed to and from computers, smart phones,tablets and even other “Smart” televisions and recorders via an internet router. Wi Fi (or wireless) is the usual prefered option for sharing content across divices, and most housholds now use wireless routers for their internet. Most “Smart” divices now have Wi Fi built in, but if not, an additional Wireless LAN Adapter can be purchased. However, due to modern building materials and insulation products, wi fi is not always a viable option due to poor signal strengths. In these cases, there are many other products available to either improve Wi Fi strength in the required area or to create a hard wired connection. If this is required, our expert team can advise of the best options and subsequent costs involved. We can also then do the required work, therefore avoiding delays and disruption.

Our “Smart” Installation includes:

  • Unpacking & Assembling the item.

  • Full install of all available TV services.

  • Connecting associated equipment.

  • Removal of any unused cables

  • Connecting the item wirelessly to the router (where possable).

  • Firmware check / update.

  • Installing the required “APP” on available compatable smartphones and/or tablets.

  • Ammending “file sharing” options on available compatable computers/ laptops.

  • Creating smart account (where required).

  • Full system check.

  • Full instruction of general operation.

  • Full instruction of  “Smart” operation including App installation & media sharing.

  • Removal of old product (if required).

  • Removal of all packaging.

Due to the extra time involved with this type of installation, a one off minimal charge may be applied. For more information regarding this service, please call our store.